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a community of passionate parents who believe they have found one of the greatest truth-treasures and wisdom-guides for parenting, the Words of the one who is known as The Creator of All Things.

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that you’re checking us out! We’re committed to resourcing and equipping parents to do the best that they can do, at the most important job that they have, raising and training their children in the right ways that they should go.

Everyone has

something that guides them, a map, an app, someone giving them directions…

Ours is a guidebook that many have referred to as “The Words of The Living God” (The Bible, The Sacred Scriptures). Our guiding principles are founded in these texts of truth and wisdom as found in this “book of all books.” Find out more about this book here!

Some foundations
That We Hold On To Are That:

  • There is an Intelligent Designer that is above and beyond all of this created order.
  • This Intelligent Designer has revealed himself to humanity through the words of this ancient text, known as The Bible.
  • This Creator and “Father of all” figure is the model parent and gives us cues and clues into how to rightly lead a family in this present day and time.
  • These cues and clues are found in the wisdom-literature, insightful-guidance, and truth-narratives of The Bible.
  • The Bible prescribes general wisdom-principles and truth-practices to apply to every specific situation that life brings your way.
  • There is an absolute preciousness and sanctity to every human life, from initial conception until final breath.
  • Each person was born with a preset physical structure and genetic build-up. Part of a parent’s greatest responsibility is to help their children develop and grow in the character, nature, and identity that they were born with.

Our Recommended Resources

are just that! We have worked hard to find insightful information that we’d recommend for any parent to utilize as a tool in their toolkit of parenting resources! While we really do like all of this stuff, we do encourage you to use common sense and guided wisdom in the application of each of these resources.

We want you to know that most of our recommended resources come from a faith-based perspective, but there are also some great secular resources, such as medical professional sites, that we promote, as well.

This said, heads up, there may be some content that our convictions/opinions may slightly vary from, in reference to specific doctrine, theological persuasion, or practical application… However, by and large, we trust these resources that we’re recommending, and trust that they’ll make a great impact as you process through them and instill their principles into your daily parenting strategies!

In Short

If the Bible is for something that you see, we’re for it as well.
If the Bible speaks against anything that you might see, we’re against it as well.

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Email us, and we’ll let you know more about who we are and what we’re passionate about!

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